Printed Stationery Every Business Needs

Print TodaySome of the basics you need, whether you’re an established business or a startup:

Letterheads. You need to look professional, and even the most paperless of business will occasionally need to send a printed letter to clients or potential customers. A letterhead makes you look professional and pulls together your brand marketing.

Business Cards. Fairly obvious this one – when out and about networking or otherwise this is the easiest and quickest way to pass on your details to someone.

Leaflets. A great way to start if you are a local business and can do some door to door drops to get things started, or as a way of drumming up new business. You can also leave leaflets in shops and areas where your customers are likely to be.

Brochures. Whether you have products or services, a catalogue to send out to interested prospects gives an impression of quality and can act as a great marketing tool.

Corporate Stationery. If you do it right, this can work, and is a great way to get your brand circulating. I’ve overheard friendly arguments over who gets the corporate mug with an awesome design, believe it or not, so create a good product and people will want to have one and will effectively do some marketing for you!

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