What’s the difference between white inkjet art papers?

We found this while browsing the internet and thought it would be good to share…

“When choosing an inkjet art paper, one factor to consider is the paper color. The whiteness of the paper affects whether the printed colors look clean and sharp or softer and more natural.

Bright White inkjet art papers use optical brightening agents (OBAs) to make the fibers in the paper look pure white. Over a period of years, the whitening effects of the brighteners can fade, making the paper itself look yellowish. Print colors that started out looking bright and bold can look a bit faded, even if the ink colors have remained stable. Bright white papers are great for eye-catching photos for shorter-term use.

Natural White inkjet art papers can have a slightly warm undertone because no brighteners are added to the make the fibers in the paper look brighter. The whiteness of the paper comes from the natural whiteness of the fibers used to make the paper. Natural white papers have a creamy whiteness that can enhance the look of black-and-white photographs, portraits, and digitally restored old photographs. Natural white inkjet art papers are considered more archival because the color of the paper won’t change as much over time.”

Source: https://www.freedompaper.com/inkjet-art-paper-bright-white-vs-natural