2017 Christmas Catalogue incl. 2018 Calendars!

For businesses, it’s time to get your plans for Christmas and the New Year moving, and it’s never too early for a little sugar and spice!

We’ve just launched our 2017 Christmas Card collection where you can design your own, or choose from a large range of seasonal, creative and eye-catching designs at: https://www.quickprint.co.uk/products/christmas-cards

We’ve also launched our 2018 calenders in over 6 different styles, easily customisable with your images and logos, with a choice of layouts and sizes, or choose from our full range of templates and images online at: https://www.quickprint.co.uk/products/calendars.

Browse our Website Shop using the links above or give us a call to discuss what you need.

We are here to help and advise you on the best way to proceed.

P.S. New service announcement: We are not able to doSoft Touch Laminating and Foiling in a range of colours including Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, White, Clear, Red, Green, Blue, Pink, Rainbow Holographic and Glitter Holographic.

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David Miller – QuickPrint’s New Business Development Manager

I would like to officially welcome David Miller to QuickPrint as our new Business Development Manager – contact email is david@quickprint.co.uk.

David has completed his first week of in-depth training and is now ready to advise you of the exact type of printing you will need to complete your next marketing project/s.

He will be contacting you over the coming weeks to introduce both himself and the vast range of excellent services we provide to the business community at QuickPrint.

Whether you require Litho or Digital Printing for inside or outside use, we can supply you with the following:

Business Cards, Brochures, Flyers, Booklets, Folders, Letterheads, Compliment Slips, Printed Envelopes, Invoice and Order Pads, Posters, Pop-up Systems, Roll-up Banners, Labels and Stickers, Window and Car Graphics, Signs, Printed Workwear and T-Shirts, Canvas Prints, Mugs, Pens, Rulers and much more.

We are also highly skilled in the printing and scanning of Architectural Drawings and Building Plans.

If you need a new Corporate identity, a re-brand, or just the finishing touches added to your ideas, speak to our GRAPHIC DESIGN Team who will transform your ideas into an image you will be proud of.

Danny @ QuickPrint

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QuickPrint Christmas Opening Hours 2016-17

QuickPrint will close at 1pm on Friday 23rd December 2016 and re-open at 9am on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Orders can still be placed while we are closed by e-mail or direct through our full E-Commerce Website at www.quickprint.co.uk but will not be actioned until Tuesday 2nd Janaury 2017.

Thursday 22nd December Open 9am to 5pm

Friday 23rd December Open 9am to 1pm

Christmas Eve – Closed All Day

Christmas Day – Closed All Day

Boxing Day – Closed All Day

Tuesday 27th December – Closed All Day

Wednesday 28th December – Closed All Day

Thursday 29th December – Closed All Day

Friday 30th December – Closed All Day

New Year’s Eve – Closed All Day

New Year’s Day – Closed All Day

Monday 2nd January 2017 – Closed All Day

Tuesday 3rd January 2017 Open 9am to 5pm

“Thank You for Your Custom throughout 2016”

We Wish You a Very Merry Christmas
and a Happy and Prospersous 2017

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Why Should You Send Corporate Calendars to your Clients or Customers?

Keeping your details in front of your Clients and Customers has never been so important.

You can never under-estimate the importance of keeping in touch with your customers, and pro-actively addressing their needs. Once you have a customer or client, sitting back can be the worst thing to do. Paying attention to that customer however, letting them know you are checking up on them, and keeping your brand in their minds will work wonders for repeat business.

E-mails may be an essential part of your marketing strategy, but these days we are all bombarded with them on a daily basis whether you want them or not and there is always that chance that the one important e-mail you do want to look at has gone away with the fairies to that Junk Bin in the Sky.

The perfect way to keep your details in your client’s eye-line is to give them a Professionally Produced Corporate Desk or Wall Calendar.

This says “Thank you to your Client for their loyalty”, or can also “Send Love” to your family and friends.

These can be printed with Corporate Logo, Company Name, Address, Telephone, E-mail and Website – You can add a monthly Special Offer, or your events throughout the year. We have a large database of pictures on the website, or supply your own.

Choose a design that stands out – if the recipient likes the Calendar they are more likely to keep it around for longer, so don’t skimp on the design! QuickPrint have a professional design studio who are always willing to help you along the way.

There are 7 types available:- A3 and A4 size Portrait, A4 Landscape, Long, Plastic Single or Double Plastic CD Case and Wallet-type Calendars – like a Business Card.

Above all, remember – people may try to apply logic to purchases and business relationships but ultimately emotion makes the final decision – if you keep in touch with a client and show you care, you will build a loyal customer that is more interested in sticking with you than making price comparisons or considering other options.

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END TO END – John O’ Groats to Land’s End – 866 Miles in 8 Days from 10th to 17th July 2016 for “Children’s Hospice South West”

Mark Taylor (pictured), has been a Graphic Designer at QuickPrint for 6 years. He has teamed up with Andrew Green (an old school friend of 30 years), to pedal the Classic Challenge, cycling from John O’ Groats to Land’s End in Only 8 Days! – 866 miles of roads passable by cyclists, the furthest possible distance across the British Isles, End to End.
This classic challenge is on many a cyclist’s ‘to do’ or ‘bucket’ list. Covering more than 12 counties, through stunning scenery, one of the toughest cycling achievements, from the Northernmost point of the UK through the Lochs of Great Glen, along the stunning mountains of the Lake District, through the rolling hills of Dartmoor to the rocky cliffs and pounding seas of Land’s End.
John O’ Groats to Land’s End (also called ‘JOG-LE’ or ‘End to End’), will test you to your limit, but it is the most fabulous way to see the UK and one of the biggest achievements you are ever likely to accomplish on a bicycle!
Their training regime since February this year has been gruelling, covering over 3,000 miles and countless hours on two wheels – pedalling every single one of them.
Mark and Andrew are funding the entire journey and donating all money raised to “Children’s Hospice South West” – Donate to this worthy cause on the Just Giving website at www.justgiving.com/MarkandAndrew2016.

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Quickprint Exeter invest in HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP Wide Format Copy, Print and Scan Machine

QuickPrint Exeter is a family run business that have provided a wide range of high quality, print and design services since it was established in 1961. These include litho printing, digital production printing, personalised and promotional items that can all be ordered online giving this well respected company the opportunity to work with customers on a local or national basis.

Danny Frayne MD says: ‘Printing is a very competitive industry, so we are proud that our excellent customer relations and the quality of our finished products have enabled us to build a long list of loyal customers.

‘Our business is constantly evolving to keep up with the latest trends, so adopting new technologies that can add or enhance the services we provide is important to our ongoing success.’

Already utilising an eco solvent wide format printer and a HP Z6800 for outdoor, signage and photo work, QuickPrint were looking to replace their Xerox monochrome LED plan printer with a solution that would give them cost effective, quality colour and B/W printing from a single device.

After discussions regarding their requirements had taken place, Stanford Marsh who have a 20-year relationship with QuickPrint, arranged a demonstration for Danny and Richard to see the capabilities of the PageWide product range from Hewlett Packard which runs at 5 times lower energy consumption than LED models.

QuickPrint became the first printer in the UK to implement the HP PageWide XL5000 MFP Copy, Print and Scan solution very soon after.

‘The speed and quality required for the quick turnaround of CAD line drawings, rendered images, GIS Maps and high-res scanning for our customers was a factor when making our decision as these are normally linked to time critical projects. However, the added advantage of being able to provide the fast production of posters on a range of media from the same machine was also important, as this will open other markets to us. In fact one of the first jobs completed on the PageWide was for a large number of A1 colour posters.

‘The SmartStream workflow software which was installed with the machine not only enables the quick and easy submission of multiple print files, it also allows us to view an image of each file and highlights any errors within the file, which can then be corrected before printing.

‘This means that jobs are right first time and waste or misprints are eliminated, a “Win Win” situation with reduced time and waste resulting in competitive pricing.

‘We also chose the inclusive service contract from Stanford Marsh which meant that consumable items, parts and labour were covered along with planned maintenance visits. This combined with information we get from the embedded web server means we know exactly, how much each print is costing us to produce.’

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Do your Target Audience Unplug from the Digital World for Time with Print?

In today’s society advertisements, friends and employers can reach you no matter where you are and at any time. Because of this more and more people are choosing to disconnect themselves from digital media at various points in their day or regularly throughout the week, especially at weekends.


Turning off phones, TV’s and computers is now generally considered as relaxing well-earned down time. In the place of digital appliances customers are picking up more Books, magazines, newsletters, brochures and other printed content to fill this gap. By association these products are then linked with the same positive frame of mind the customer is hoping to achieve when they unplug.


It’s not a great leap of faith to realise that customers will be most receptive to your call to action message when they are relaxed in their own homes so don’t rule out printed leaflets, loyalty newsletters, brochures or any printed promotional products just yet.


Please feel free to browse for quantities and prices on any of the above printed products at www.quickprint.co.uk.

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Print has a Greater Perceived Value than Digital

Print marketing or advertising is often referred to as `traditional’. Though print came before digital marketing it is by no means the traditional options anymore. Blogging, Social Media & Electronic Mail shots are much more frequently used these days and therefore have a much lower perceived value.


Print is generally thought of as a more expensive option than Digital therefore if a company is investing in a print campaign it’s perceived that it must be a good cause or that they value their customers more than their competitors who only send Digital literature. Customers are also more likely to find value in something that is a tangible object as opposed to digital.


Print houses like Quick Print also offer a variety of options that will help promote your organisation as a green company. Though you are still using paper you could choose ethically sourced paper from managed forests or opt for recycled paper and even vegetable based inks. All of these nuggets of information can be included in your campaigns to help bolster your image as an organisation with a conscience.

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Envelope Information

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Paper/Envelope Sizes – Grammes to Microns – Storage

See below a range of common paper sizes, an explanation of gsm and microns and advice on paper storage.

Paper Sizes

 A Sizes                           SRA Sizes                             Envelope Sizes

A0  - 1189mm x 841mm    SRA0  - 1280mm x 900mm    C3   – 457mm x 324mm
A1  - 841mm x 594mm    SRA1  - 900mm x 640mm    C4  - 324mm x 229mm
A2  - 594mm x 420mm    SRA2  - 640mm x 450mm    C5  - 229mm x 162mm
A3  - 420mm x 297mm    SRA3  - 450mm x 320mm    C6  - 162mm x 114mm
A4  - 297mm x 210mm    SRA4  - 320mm x 225mm    DL  - 220mm x 110mm
A5  - 210mm x 148mm
A6  - 148mm x 105mm
A7  - 105mm x 74mm
A8  - 74mm x 52mm






GSM and Microns
Board thickness or caliper is measured in microns (1000 microns = 1mm).  Most of the time boards are refered to by weight in gsm (grams per square metre).  A few different board weights are shown below along with their thickness in microns.

160gsm = 200 microns
180gsm = 230 microns
240gsm = 300 microns
270gsm = 350 microns
290gsm = 380 microns
385gsm = 500 microns

Paper is liable to be affected by variations in temperature and humidity.  The optimum storage conditions are a temperature of 16ºC – 22ºC and relative humidity (the moisture content of the air) of 40% – 60%.  Variations in humidity are the most serious and can, by changing the moisture content of the stationery, permanently damage it.

Stationery transferred from a cold room to a warm room can experience a temporary warp.  Sufficient time should be allowed for it to become acclimatised before being used.

All printed stationery should be kept in the original boxes until required for use.  The boxes should be stored lid uppermost and should not be stacked more than five high.  Any partly used box should be placed as the top box.

Stationery should not be stored directly touching the floor and should be kept away from pipes, radiators, hot air ducts, windows or such like.

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