Why Business Cards Do Have a Place In the Digital World

It can be tempting to decide that with the evolution of smartphones, electronic contact transfer and paperless offices, that things like business cards are no longer useful. But the truth is business cards play a crucial role in many situations where you will feel unprepared and miss valuable sales and networking opportunities without one.

Imagine a conference for example – you will be talking to numerous people and will have perhaps 30 seconds to make an impression before they will be distracted by someone else. Asking for their email in this time and trying to note it down will seem messy and over the top, but handing them a business card as you part is easy, doesn’t bother them and gives them something to find in their pocket later and increase their exposure to your services and name.

What’s more, whether you are handing cards out during networking, or at initial meetings, you are passing on something of quality and cohesive branding, something to communicate the quality of your company and show customers you have a considered marketing and branding approach.

Indeed, in many countries business cards are still considered a big part of the ceremony of meeting potential clients – in Hong Kong meetings start with everyone exchanging business cards, a way of signifying the exchange of respect.

So don’t be caught out – business cards are still valid and very important in today’s business world.