Tips for Applying Vinyl Graphics to Your Windows

Vinyl graphics can make a great impact on vehicles, windows and other surfaces, but applying them professionally can be tricky – there are some simple methods you can use to get a better finish and avoid wasting prints of your vinyl.

Firstly, you need to ensure the surface you are applying the graphic to is clean. Avoid using amoonia based cleaners, soap and water will do fine and then dry it. This will clear away any minute dust particles that will interfere with the adhesion of the vinyl.

Next use masking tape to attach the graphic to the surface and step back to ensure it’s placed where you want it – take time to get this right.

Once you know where you want it, use a single piece of masking tape along the top, with half on the surface and half on the graphic, acting as a hinge.

Now use a spray bottle to apply a light amount of water and soap mixture onto the vehicle, window or other surface underneath the graphic. You can then remove the backing and slowly cm by cm press the graphic to the surface, using a sponge to force water and air out from under the graphic. The water will stop it adhering finally until you have it placed, and will allow you to easily push air bubbles out to the edges with the sponge.

Once done, carefully peel the masking tape and graphic protective layer off, by peeling sideways, not straight out.

This process should help you produce a vinyl graphic with no wrinkles or bubbles!