The 5 Benefits of Printing a Roll Up Banner

1. Most obviously, portability is the main advantage of a roll up banner. In its rolled up form it’s easy to carry and rolling it up and getting it into place is also very labour-light. Perfect for conventions or training sessions at rented spaces.

2. Size. Because of their portability you can make a statement where normally you’d not be able to bring large banners. With a roll up banner you can make a real impact on people, and pack a punch on a free wall or just inside a doorway, to catch attention.

3. Low maintenance. Once you’ve bought it, that’s it – you don’t need to buy any extra kit, no tools or add-ons, they work and they keep working.

4. They are very durable, when properly cared for. Their speed of set up helps with this, as does their storage containers, which protects them to a certain degree when stored.

5. Storage. When rolled up, they are compact and can easily be stored away, saving space.