Promoting your Brand with Printed T-Shirts & Workwear

Printed Workwear & T-ShirtsYour staff and employees are valuable assets to your company for many obvious reasons but they’re rarely used to physical promote or advertise brands. Printed T-shirts and Workwear are a great way to utilise this undervalued and underused resource.

Printed T-shirts and Workwear can help associate your staff and their good work with your company or brand. By association they can help inspire positive advocacy through customers, families or even passer byers. They can even be used to promote special offers, seasonal events, or #hashtag campaigns. Below are some examples of when Printed Workwear will be most effective.

Events – At a large event or conference it can be difficult to spot a member of staff when customers want to make a purchase or ask for more information. Make your staff stand out with a plain T-shirt or Polo in a single bold colour. Have a large logo on their back and a smaller one on the right of their chest. Keeping the detail simple will allow people to spot your staff quickly.

Mobile Staff – Contractors and other mobile staff are representing your company when they’re outside of the office. A great way to make sure they’re doing this respectfully is to give them a standard printed uniform. Clients and customers will recognise them instantly and in the summer months you can make sure there are additional garments to hand for them great occasions when England actually gets a hot weather. Including contact details on the back of the garment is a great way to encourage more enquiries.

Retail Sales – Staff on a shop floor can also be difficult to spot if they don’t have a set uniform. This is even more relevant when you’re in sale mode. Why not kit your staff out with red and white printed workwear with examples of special offers printed on their backs. You could promote a percentage off, individual deals or a prominent brand you sell. Printed workwear however will always be more cost effective if you don’t have too many variants.

Promotional Products – Instead of getting your staff to wear your printed t-shirts why not hand them out as a promotional product for customers. Everytime a customer spends a set amount in store they get a free t-shirt. Be sure to get a selection of sizes and make sure the fit and message on the T-shirt is relevant to your business. If you’ve do it right you will soon see customers advertising your brand down your local high-street. Parents will always be happy for additional plain t-shirts for their children.