Print Has a Greater Perceived Value than Digital

Green PrintingPrint marketing or advertising is often referred to as ‘traditional’. Though print came before digital marketing it is by no means the traditional options anymore. Blogging, Social Media & Electronic Mail shots are much more frequently used these days and therefore has a much lower perceived value.

Print is generally thought of as a more expensive option than Digital therefore if a company is investing in a print campaign it’s perceived that it must be a good cause or that they value their customers more than their competitors who only send Digital literature. Customers are also more likely to find value in something that is a tangible object as opposed to digital.

Print houses like Quick Print also offer a variety of options that will help promote your organisation as a green company. Though you are still using paper you could choose ethically sourced paper from managed forests or opt for recycled paper and even vegetable based inks. All of these nuggets of information can be included in your campaigns to help bolster your image as an organisation with a conscious.