QP's Investment for Increased Productivity

HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP : Large Format Copy, Print & Scan

QUICKPRINT is the first company in the UK to install the HP PageWide XL 5000

  • Performs at an amazing 14 x A1 prints per minute - that's 860 an hour - or one every 4.5 seconds!
  • 5 x lower energy consumption than the old LED plan copier
  • SmartStream workflow software enables quick & easy submission of multiple files, highlighting any errors within the file
  • Import files directly from your USB
  • Dark blacks and vivid colors on a range of media
  • Moisture and fade resistant prints (compared to other HP inks)
  • Print on bond, tracing, coated and photo stocks
  • High-resolution scanning from A2 to A0+ : archive your drawings & large prints
  • Colour or Black & White
  • Files saved as JPG or PDF
  • Save to disc, your USB, email or web transfer
... a 'Win-Win' quality solution : reduced time & waste

HP PageWide XL 5000 MFP