GlossaryGlossary definition

Artwork (print ready) : a design layout prepared for immediate print, generally a PDF file
Artwork (required)  : instruction received from a customer to translate their visual into a print ready file
Bitmap/Raster : an image made up of dots/pixels - cannot be enlarged without loss of quality
Black : solid 100% black printing, usually for text and line drawings
Bleed : extension of the background beyond the edge of the document (3mm) to prevent unwanted white edges
Bind : the process of binding sheets together, usually plastic comb, wire or perfect bound
Bond : high quality absorbent writing paper, usually smooth and matt
Booked : stapled sheets with a card front and hard back, with a choice of coloured spine tape
Canvas : 350gsm cotton canvas printed using a high quality inkjet printer - can be wrapped around a pine frame
CMYK : the colours printers use to create full colour, C cyan (light blue), M magenta (pink), Y yellow and K black
Collated : sorted in correct order
Comb Bind : punching a document and binding with a plastic comb
Design : let our talented designers give you an identity from conception-2-collection
Digital : electronic file formats
Digital Printing : the process used to print files, perfect for short run
Dpi/Resolution : dots per inch, the larger the number of dots in a square inch, the better the quality, aim for 300dpi
Drill : punching/drilling holes into documents
Duotone/Monotone : an image made up of 2 or 1 spot colours - created technically
Encapsulating : both sides film coated with heat sealed edge
Fan Apart : glues individual 'no carbon required' sheets into sets
Fold : the folding of documents in various formats, ie. z fold, gate fold, u fold, in half, fold in 3, etc.
Fonts/Typefaces : the style of type used, ie. serif (with little ticks as times new roman) or sans-serif (no tick - arial)
Full Colour : printing using cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK)
Gather : collating folded sets of booklet, etc.
Gloss : high quality coated sheet, very smooth and shiny, inks sit beautifully on its surface
Glueing : attaching an insert into a cover
Greyscale : utilising a single ink to create tonal values for photos and similar
Gutters : gutters are used to separate items and allows for trimming, usually 3mm per item = 6mm gutters
Hard Copy : artwork on paper, from which a direct copy can be made or scanned
Images/Pictures : a photo, logo or illustration used in design
Laminating : one or both sides film coated, but not sealed
Large Format : digital printing of any size over A3
Litho : the high quality printing process which applys ink to paper, ideal for long run and colour perfection
Lpi : lines per inch, a measurement of printing resolution in systems that use a halftone screen
Margins : area from the sheet edge to the start of important information. Allowance of a clear area
Microns : how paper thickness is measured (not weight as in gsm/grammes)
Mounted : attaching a printed sheet to board, eg. forrex, correx or foamex (presentation board)
NCR : ‘no carbon required' paper - for duplicated forms and similar
Numbering : the process of adding sequential numbers to your documents
Overprinting : where a preprinted sheet has additional printed information added
Padded : groups of 50 or 100 sheets are glued with a single card back
Pantone Colour : a single universally matched colour, alternatively we can colour match to your specification
Paper Weight : gsm : grams per square metre - this does not relate to the paper thickness
Perfect Bind : the process of heat-sealing inner sheets with a wrap around cover to form a book
Perforated : a process for simple tear off sections
Plans : the duplication of plans, digitally or from hard copy of digital files
Plots : the process used to print large format cad and architectural drawings
PP : is used to describe the number of pages or number of printed sides
Ppi : pixels per inch, the larger the number of pixels in a square inch, the better the quality
Pre-Press : the process of creating litho printing plates and imposition of pages
Print Ready Artwork : files which are ready for immediate printing - using one of the above file formats
Process Colour : uses CMYK inks
Proof : is a colour representation used to check spelling, punctuation, typeface and layout
QuickPrint : the hint is in the name
Ream : a pre-wrapped quantity of paper or card, usually 500 or 250 sheets
RGB :  the colour screens are viewed in, R red, G green and B blue - colours may change when converted to CMYK
Satin : high quality satin coated sheet, very smooth with a slight sheen, inks sit beautifully on its surface
Scanning : a digital image scanned off a hard copy document or photo, saved as a tiff, jpeg or PDF
Score : a depression in the paper or card enabling correct and neat folding
Spot Colour : printing utilising single or multiple pantone reference spot colour inks
Stitch : where the document is stitched together with staples
Stock/Media : the paper stock used to print your files on, varying weights, textures and colours
Thermal Bind : the process of heat sealing sheets to form a book using coloured spines
Vector : an illustration using lines, especially good for logos, easily scaled without loss of quality
Wire Bind : punching a document and binding with a wire spine