Environmental Policy StatementEnvironmental Policy Daisy

QuickPrint is a family run business and has been trading since 1961. The main function of the business is a print and copy shop using the latest energy efficient printing equipment and solvent free inks. It supplies a range of paper products including 100% recycled and Chlorine Free.

QuickPrint recognises that the services, building, activities and resources used will have an impact on the environment. It is therefore committed to reducing any negative impacts wherever possible and aims to enhance the environment in which we live and work. The company has looked at the business and considers the main environmental impacts are as follows:

  • Fuel use in vehicles, specifically in the collection and delivery process
  • Electricity use in lighting and power supplies
  • Resource depletion, specifically in paper products

QuickPrint will continuously strive to reduce its negative effects and improve its environmental performance wherever possible.
In order to work towards this statement it will:

  • Meet all regulatory, legislative and other requirements relevant to its business activities
  • Use materials wisely and consider their impact on the environment and seek the best environmental option where appropriate
  • Reduce fuel consumption through efficient management of vehicles and plant machinery
  • Ensure operations do not compromise the local environment where it operates
  • Prevent pollution through best practice techniques and effective staff awareness

This commitment will be achieved by raising employee awareness, engaging with suppliers and contractors and incorporating these issues into the daily operation of the business.

QuickPrint will review performance regularly in order to facilitate continual improvements.