Bribery Act 2010

The Act came into force on 1st July 2011.

We are committed to upholding responsible and ethical business conduct and to meeting our legal obligations. We have reviewed our internal policies and procedures and are writing to all customers and those within our supply chain to request co-operation in ensuring our mutual obligations to have in place the ‘Adequate Procedures' recommended by the UK government for prevention of bribery as follows:

  • Proportionate procedures for its workforce and external agencies over which it has control
  • Top Level commitment
  • Risk assessments to be regularly undertaken
  • Due diligence on all business relationships
  • Communication and training of anti-bribery policies
  • Monitoring and review to identify issues and ensure compliance

Under the Act, a bribe is defined as the 'giving or obtaining' of any ‘financial or other advantage' to induce a person to perform improperly a relevant function or activity, or to reward a person for the improper performance of his duties.

We therefore politely request that there be no solicitation of gifts, personal favours or other forms of appreciation, which are beyond the bounds of reasonable business practices. Likewise we have prohibited our employees from offering or responding to any solicitation of such hospitality that could amount to ‘financial advantage' from your company or its employees. Whilst we appreciate that some of our customers, suppliers or partners may wish to give tokens of appreciation or season gifts, we strongly discourage this. Our corporate guidelines require that any request to attend, sponsor to support any corporate or other hospitality event, whether charitable or otherwise, needs to be vetted by our compliance officers and we trust that any such request will be sent to our managing director whose details are provided below.

We wish to emphasise that QuickPrint has in place a robust philanthropic programme of support to charities and local organisations that are vetted to ensure that there is no corporate or personal gain and this request is merely meant to ensure strict compliance of the law and is not meant to deter your legitimate support of any charitable or other organisation.

In addition we would like to ask you to take note of the following:

  • ‘Facilitation Payments' are deemed bribes under the Act, i.e. payments to facilitate routine administrative tasks, and neither you nor we should make such payments to facilitate any approval, contract, supply, shipment or other service that in any way relates to our business relationship
  • 'Excessive or unreasonable' corporate hospitality could be considered a bribe and we should both ensure any hospitality is strictly within our respective legal and corporate guidelines

In the event that you should have cause for concern with regards to any matters relating to our business dealings with your organisation or relating to acts of our employees, or require any clarification on the contents notice you should refer your queries to: Richard Frayne, Managing Director, QuickPrint (South West) Limited, Sweetbier Lane, Heavitree, Exeter, Devon EX1 3AS.