How to Send and File Formats

How to send your files guide

We like the personal touch at QuickPrint and like to talk directly to our customers, however if you prefer to have some written guidelines regarding sending files and general tips, your answers should appear below. Please don't hesitate to call should you require any further assistance or wish to speak to one of our talented Designers

A few great hints to keep costs low

  • Send a PDF
  • Ensure your files are cmyk, black/white or your specified spot colours
  • If the background/image runs over the edge (bleed) include an extra 3mm over all affected sides of the page - keeping the content in the same position
  • Keep the resolution over 300 dots per inch (dpi) at 100% size, preferably 600dpi where text is involved
  • Embed all photos or ensure they are enclosed with the artwork
  • Keep multiple page documents as single pages within one PDF and in the right order i.e. cover (1), page 2, page 3, back (4)
  • Choose high quality/commercial press when exporting in Microsoft Publisher
  • Embed all fonts or ensure they are either enclosed with the artwork or converted to outlines/curves
  • Supply on cd, usb stick, email (up to 8mb) or for larger files use Drop Box (see below)



  • Visit the Dropbox web site at*
  • Install the software and create an account
  • Upload your artwork:
     ... if online use the icon which  looks like a page with blue upwards arrow, select your desired file and click upload
     ... if working within the software drag & drop or copy & paste your artwork into the folder
  • Once uploaded right-click (or control-click) over this file, choose ‘Share Link'. At this point either a pop-up will appear
        containing a web link or the link will be automatically copied to the 'clipboard'
  • To share this file with QuickPrint, paste this link into an email addressed to along with your
        order reference and contact information. 

Note These links work even if your computer's turned off

*You can just create an account and work online rather than installing the software.
Please note this is an external web site and software which is not affiliated to QuickPrint.