How Best to Use Large Exhibition Banners

When attending a conference or exhibition, you should have a team of staff with you who will be engaging passers by, asking questions and supplying information. But you have the potential to grab attention with the wall space behind your stand, where your pop-up banners and posters will be placed, and you don’t want to waste this space by having it do the *same thing* that your staff are doing.

While your team are supplying details, your banners should be shouting – shouting about something amazing that will make passers-by want to stop and get more information. The first thing you need to identify is your target audience – who will be at this show and what will be their biggest need that your business can provide? Addressing their biggest pain (ie: “Is your print marketing tired and disorganised?” “Are you always running out of letter-heads and business cards?”) can be a major hook to grab attention, and your team can then be prepared with answers and literature on exactly how you can solve these issues (I.e.: “We’ll give you a complete print refresh for this price” or “We’ll schedule regular refills and reprints to suit your needs”)

You could also take the opportunity to make a big big impact with your best points – do you offer discounts for new customers? Do you offer free delivery in a sector where virtually no-one else does? Do you offer a price match guarantee? Have you won awards for your work? What do you do that will make people turn around and come and say hello?

Above all, don’t use your banner as another team member – you have those already and they will be supplying details. Use your banner as an attention-grabber, a big, bright call to action – get those passers-by paying attention and then tell them what you can do!