Can Printing & Large Scale Printing be Environmentally Friendly?

Print marketing is, and will likely always be, a big part of business marketing. Finding ways to reduce the impact on the environment is crucial, and things are being done all the time to lessen this effect.
Large scale and mass printing are perhaps the most efficient (and therefore eco friendly in many ways) of all printing, as machines are not stopping and starting, less time is taken cutting, re-allotting inks, and so energy is saved.

Recycled printing material is also a big move towards cutting down on paper usage, and these days recycled white is truly white, and high quality paper and printing can be achieved at a similar if not equal cost to regular paper.

Products being delivered through regular postal channels is a great help, as vehicle use can be cut down and emissions reduced.

Here at QuickPrint we continually strive to improve our eco-friendly options, using cultured toner which is grown rather than manufactured in our digital print machines and vegetable inks in our litho print room where appropriate.

Check out our recycled print options or our environmentally friendly statement for more information.