5 Reasons to Consider Print Marketing

Promotional Products: You can now print onto a variety of promotional products to help give your campaign a longer life. For example if you target a promotional product like coasters or mouse mats to office staff you can keep your message in front of your audience for longer because they’re useful.

Shapes and Sizes: Not only can you print onto a variety of materials but you can print in any shape imaginable and at practically any size too. For example you could print onto small business cards or go for much larger format like billboards and if you really want to go big the entire side of a skyscraper!

Tracking Print’s ROI: Everyone’s using Quick Response (QR) codes at the moment to track which of their adverts are most effectively sending customers to their websites. If you aren’t an online business you could setup multiple telephone numbers and use each one in a different publication. That way when you get your itemised bill you know which publication is working the hardest for you. Unique promotional codes are another way to achieve the same result.

Geographically Targeted: Email campaigns allow you to target numerous audience groups with ease but unfortunately an IP or email address isn’t necessarily linked to a geographical location. Sending a mail shot through the post or handing out leaflets door to door is still the best way to target a location and its population.

Tangible Product: With everyone receiving electronic mail shots in their inbox every 2 seconds there has been a documented shift in customer’s perceived value of tangible products. Sending customers useful promotional products or even literature updates is now considered to be of higher worth and value because of the cost of the materials involved and the sense of ownership the customer then feels.