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November's Answers

November calendar answers


October's Answers

October calendar answers


September's Answers

September Crossword Answer


August's Answers

The one with it all is: A


July's Answers

August calendar answer


June's Calendar Answers

1.  Spoon
2.  Strawberry
3.  Fleur-de-lit in red
4.  Lines on book
5.  Check removed
6.  Line removed
7.  Punch holes spaced
8.  Strawberry with no pips


May's Answers

How many did you spot?


April's Calendar Answers

1.  Fernando (ABBA)
2.  Happy birthday
3.  Strawberry fields forever (BEATLES)
4.  Dog and bone
5.  Apple and pears


March's Calendar Answer

March calendar answer

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February's Calendar Answers

1.  MUG ... We print directly on to pens, sheets & USB. Mugs get transfer heat pressed
2.  BADMINTON ... GB has never won an Olympic gold in badminton!
3.  PENCIL ... Graphite is only grey, others are in shades and colours
4.  BUSINESS CARD ... Printed on heavier card stock, whereas the others are printed on lightweight paper


January's Calendar Answer

January 2017 answers